How should the non-contact infrared thermometer be used?

The peak of the return journey is approaching. Due to the requirements of the epidemic, people will be required to take body temperature measurements when entering and leaving public places and taking transportation. When measuring body temperature, non-contact infrared thermometers are commonly used by measurement personnel, also known as "forehead thermometers." So in the process of measuring body temperature, what should be paid attention to when using forehead thermometer? Will frequent use of a forehead thermometer to measure the body temperature of multiple people cause cross-infection?

1. The normal range of human body temperature is "36℃~37℃". If the measurement result exceeds 37.2℃, it is preliminarily judged as fever.

2. Before the measurement, the subject should wipe off sweat and sebum, keep the forehead clean and dry, and the hair should not cover the forehead.

3. If the temperature difference is too large due to the conversion environment, the subject should rest in the measurement environment for about 20 minutes, and then measure after adapting to the ambient temperature to make the measurement result more accurate.

4. When measuring, the tip of the forehead thermometer should be aimed at the center of the subject's forehead, slightly above the middle of the eyes, and no more than 3 cm from the forehead. Measurements that are too close or too far are prone to inaccurate measurement results. When measuring, the subject should close his eyes to prevent infrared rays from harming the eyes.

5. The forehead thermometer should be kept clean, and should not touch the subject's skin during measurement. After the measurement, wipe it with a slightly damp alcohol gauze or alcohol cotton ball for more than 30 seconds for disinfection.

6. During the epidemic, the surveyor should wear masks, gloves, and goggles.

According to experts, the working principle of a forehead thermometer is to receive infrared rays through a sensor to obtain temperature sensing data. It has the advantages of convenience and speed, and the temperature can be accurately measured in a few seconds. At the same time, since there is no need to touch the skin to avoid the chance of cross infection, it is very suitable for temperature measurement in public places. At the same time, experts also suggested that forehead thermometers are susceptible to external temperature, exercise, sweat, metabolism, skin cleanliness, etc., and can only be used as a preliminary screening of body temperature. If the body temperature is abnormal, it should be measured again with an ear thermometer or mercury thermometer to determine the person's real body temperature.