Outdoor laser lighting design creates the beauty of urban night scenes

The function of outdoor laser lighting in cities is getting more and more attention. Outdoor laser lighting brings vitality to the city. It is not only a symbol of the city's economic strength, but also a manifestation of the level of urban construction management. It plays an important role in reflecting the characteristics of the city and planning urban construction.

Through the artistic life of “light”, the outdoor laser lighting design integrates culture, art, science and technology with the urban environment, thereby artistically reproducing the image of the city at night, creating and sublimating the strong cultural atmosphere of the city, showing The historical and cultural foundation and modern cultural connotation of the city.
Artistic conception is an artistic realm that reflects the harmony and unity of humanistic emotions and life scenes. The yin and yang of the night scene and daytime scene are highly consistent with the integration of the scene and virtual reality emphasized by the aesthetics of artistic conception. This makes the creation of night sceneries a treasure of housekeeping services. Night scene can be combined with the theory of artistic conception.

The concept of integrating urban outdoor laser lighting into "light culture" must first reflect the individuality of the city. Whether outdoor lighting design has its own characteristics, the key lies in mastering the basic characteristics of the overall image of the city. The natural and cultural landscape of each city is different. Geographical location, natural conditions and specific environment constitute the natural characteristics of the city and constitute the foundation of the city's image. Man-made construction activities have become the most active element in the city's image. Its image characteristics depend on the nature of the city, its planning layout and its main functions.